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96 Rinker Rocket Jet Boat Project For Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by bgage, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. bgage
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    Location: Indiana

    bgage New Member

    I am selling my 96n Rinker Rocket Jet boat for someone that is in need of a nice boat eathier for parts or for the handy man. The boat has a Mercruiser
    sport jet xp 120 hp. The engine is in great working condition it also has a brand new
    AM FM Cd player with Bose speakers. The seats are in excellent condition along with the paint and the hull is also in great shape. I just had done last summer a new impeller and the seal around the intake grate replaced. I have the receipt to show what was done $1300. Now the part that needs to be fixed. Late last summer when driving up to the pier i ran over
    something that broke the Nozzle assembly, Rudder, and the gate assembly. In this happening it also broke the throttle cable.I dont have the mecahnical knowledge to fix this so if someone out their does the rest of the boat is in very nice condition. It will also come with the trailer.I never had the trailer registered but the title is free and clear. The boat is in Elkhart,IN. If someone would like a picture please feel free to email me along with any questions.

  2. toledoadr
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    toledoadr New Member


    If you still have this boat and want to sell it for parts please e-mail me back
  3. And-Con
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    And-Con Junior Member

    if you still have anything i am interested as well. add me to the email list and-con@live.com
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