'96 Mercury 120XR sport jet - need nut for impeller, stat!

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by Greenbuggy, Jul 2, 2008.

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    So last year I tore apart my '96 Euroline Cyclone SS jet boat because it wasn't getting up on plane, ended up buying a new wear ring impeller and now having a shop rebuild the lower drive due to some bearing play that made me uncomfortable.

    When I dismantled the whole works, I had to cut off the reverse-threaded brass nut that held the impeller on due to corrosion and it being generally pretty chewed up from a previous repair (I assume, or the guy before me just didnt know it was reverse thread?)

    Either way I need a new one, mercury has obsoleted the part # without superseding to a new one. I would *really* like to have the boat back on the water by the 4th (stupid me) the only dealer I've been able to find with the part is way out in MD (I'm in MN) and didn't ship it last week like they were supposed to. So now I'm freaking out bc the part won't be here by thursday and if I want my boat in the water for the fourth I have to find a replacement locally.

    Obsolete Mercury part # is 11-820508 or just 820508 (I'm told the 11- prefix is just that its a nut). Any ideas? Need something local to twin cities area of Mn though i'd be willing to drive pretty damn far to get this thing if necessary. anybody parting one out nearby? I need it, and soon!

    Found this website http://www.crowleymarine.com/mercury_parts/2010/210.cfm that shows the part as still being available
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