'94 mercury - forever to start

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by aquanauts, Jun 17, 2008.

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    I have a 135hp 1994 mercury 2-stroke on my signature 200 searay that is taking forever to start. 1st when I turn the key this monotone buzz sounds. I stop and try again in a minute and same thing. After a few tries the engine begins to make the sound as if it's going to catch and start - but doesn't. Then the buzzing sounds again after trying some more. Finally the sound of it just about to catch comes back - but no start. I wait a minute and try again and it starts. What does this mean or sound like? Can someone tell me the things I might need to do or check to fix this myself? We took the batteries out and made sure they were fully charged, cleaned the connections and tightened everything........What next because problem still the same. I was told by someone that it probably wasn't the spark plugs 'cause it does eventually start - then someone mentioned the starter. Could that be it or not. If the starter is bad will the boat still start as it has been? Maybe it just gets harder to start as it goes bad? I am going on vacation soon and would like to know my boat will start at the ramp at least after a couple or a few tries. Thanks: confused: :confused: :confused:
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    engine problems

    When you hit the starter does the engine turn over? If yes then the starter is probably ok. If no, then either the starter or the starter selenoid is going bad or there is a bad electrical connection.

    If it is cranking and not starting it is either spark or fuel
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    What you might be hearing is the starter spinning but the bendix isn't engaging the flywheel. If you keep trying it then evey once in a while the bendix will pop up and the motor will start.
    Take the cowling off and watch as you try to crank the motor. If the flywheel doesn't turn then try some WD-40 on the starter bendix. The bendix should be greased as part of the service on the motor.

    Good Luck,
  4. marshmat
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    As Ron says, there is a good chance the bendix drive is jammed or broken. (The bendix drive is the assembly, nestled below the starter pinion, that raises the starter pinion to engage the flywheel when the starter is cranked. Outboard engines frequently omit the large electro-mechanical solenoid used on cars, in favour of the bendix drive mechanism.)

    Take the cowling off the motor and watch carefully (from a safe distance of course) as the engine is cranked over. The pinion on top of the starter should immediately spring up and engage the flywheel when the engine is cranked. If you hear noise from the starter but the pinion stays down, the bendix drive is the culprit and Ron's suggestion of WD-40 might free it. If the pinion engages the flywheel but the flywheel doesn't spin, you probably have a crapped-out starter.

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    And if THAT doesn't work, check your fuel lines next time it's been sitting for awhile. I had a rig once that would allow air to enter the line near the carb, so the fuel would drain out of the line. It would simply take awhile to get fuel back up to the carb. Not familiar with your engine, but could the buzzing be an electric fuel pump working its little heart out?
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