'90 Alpha 1 5.0L Fuel Pump ????

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by srodster, Jul 6, 2008.

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    A small hose runs from the fuel pump to the back side of the 2bbl carb, and when I started it recently, after about 2 minutes it just started dumping fuel into the back of the carb....what is this line for and does that mean the fuel pump is bad? I think the part number is 18-7283, but I'm not certain because it's Sunday and I can not call anyone. It's in a Bayliner 2050CX w/ engine serial ID: OD384426. Thanks for anyones assistance. Basically, when all the gas dumps into the carb from that small line, it kills the engine. Not sure how it's supposed to function. Anyone know a good source for a fuel pump?
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    This small hose is supposed to return excess fuel from the Rochester carb to the pump's entrance in steep turns or heavy waves. If you see fuel there with the boat in quiet waters it means that the the float in the carb has sunk or the valve doesn't close.
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    Or, is it possible that the fuel pump diaphram has ruptured causing the fuel to enter the vent hose and go into the back side of the carb instead of dumping into the bottom of the boat?

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    if you have fuel in the hose that runs from the fuel pump to back of the carb
    your right the pump diaphram is bad this is one of the things you find on marine pumps (uscg mandated) it is so the fuel ends up in the engine not the bilge
    change the pump and all will be well again or at lest the way it was
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