8ft microcruiser sailboat based on PDRacer hull

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Scowt, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. RHP
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    Here you go Bubba, you'll appreciate the extra space when you're in the Southern Ocean. :D

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  2. tdem
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    Pop top?
  3. Petros
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    although the PD racer is a popular beginner boat, for only a little bit more effort you can have a much better micro crusier. there are lots good designs available, some you can down load plans for free. go look at some of Matt Layden's designs.




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  4. RHP
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    And you'll need a car to tow it....

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  5. messabout
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    Scowt; listen to the nay sayers. The PDR is a great little boat for what it is, but as a micro cruiser is only cute, not at all great or practical. Stretch it out to 12 feet more or less and it will be far and away a better, more useable, more sensible, boat.
  6. ddoyle
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    Totally understand your thinking. I have a drawer of doodles, models to prove it.
    All that said My 8 foot wall tent, cot and wood stove do not weigh 40 pounds and fit under the rowing seat of my 16 foot 150 pound dory. 30 mins set up time. Everything fits between the wheel wells of a pick up. Comfy in a fair chop. lots of room to bring a cook/bed warmer. Could explore for a month out of it and never suffer for a second. Start every new day dry and not sore and well fed.............
  7. Skyak
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    My own preference is for more efficient designs that cut more wood but I don't see what all the abuse is about. One day and a couple sheets of plywood is not a big investment. If you care what I or anyone else think of the design check out "Paradox microcruiser"

    My first question is why do you want a PD? Do you race? If you do the extra weight and windage of your cabin will be a big burden on your results.

    Next I wonder what your thoughts are on cabin use? Camp cruise? Where and for how long?

    If you are still fixated on a PD, my best idea is to build it like a shelf for use in your garage. Then make a sturdy tent for it instead of the cabin you have drawn. The benefit is that you don't give up any boat performance for accommodation and vice versa.

  8. wavepropulsion
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