88 Ski Supreme Problems

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by jonb110, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I have recently acquired a 88' Ski Supreme... it has been stored on a trailer for basically the past year with no use, and prior to that, maybe used 1 or 2 times each couple of months. I have taken it down from the trailer and cleaned it up. The first time I used it, I charged up the battery for roughly 30minutes and then the boat started right up. I took it out onto the lake and ran it for about an hour and then cut off the engine while in the lake... it would not restart. I thought that maybe the battery had a low charge or is getting no charge? So the next day I recharged the battery and was able to crank it up again.

    This time I ran the boat for about 45minutes, cut the engine and was able to restart. When I brought it to the dock to pick someone up, the boat would not restart. So again, I charged it and it worked again.

    So today, (2weeks later), I went out to wal mart and bought a new battery for it. The boat cranked up and I let it run for a minute or two, cut the engine off and let it sit. I tried to start it 2 minutes later and now it won't restart and the battery seems drained? But should a new battery drain that quick? Or do you think there is something else wrong with it, since it seems not to be the battery but something in the boat draining the battery and not allowing it to hold a solid charge. Also, what is the usual battery that should be used for this type of boat?

    Also while taking it out a couple weeks ago, I noticed water coming into the boat. I checked the plug and it was in good, is there a plug on the bottom of the boat that may be loose? Or something else that may be lose due to the boat not being used it so long?

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    I'm no expert but that erratic starting etc. seems to be either:

    a) bad / loose wiring somewhere from battery to ignition to motor
    b) starter on motor is going bad
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    Usually when we have problems like that in our 86, it is usually the battery terminals. Sometimes I have to clean them with a wire brush, other times I can just wiggle them to get a new connection. As these boat get older corrosion becomes a larger problem. It wont hurt to take all the connections apart and clean them.

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    Electrical -
    check and clean all connections at battery, starter, and alternator.
    Pull alternator and take to local autoparts store and have them bench test it for proper output. Can pull the starter too and have it bench tested.
    This should help you narrow down the problem.
    Note: marine alternators/starters function the same as their automotive counterparts, but have additional and required spark shielding. DO NOT replace with regular automotive starter or alternator or you risk explosion/ignition of gasoline vapors in the bilge.

    Leaking -
    Check all hose fittings - raw water to pump, exhaust manifolds, etc.
    Check prop shaft/seal. Traditional seals will drip a little water. New style seals are totally leakproof.

    www.skidim.com can help with more specific tech advise and parts.
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