79 Tahiti Marauder questions

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by MountainMeadow, Apr 7, 2020.

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    Inherited this boat with the property I bought, trying to get a grasp of its value either as a package, or parts.

    79 18' Tahiti Marauder
    Has a Berkeley Jet drive 12JC-A, how can I check condition and value? I have been unable to sell the boat via local channels, so I’m considering parting it out. The drive looks like its in good shape no corrosion etc, just oxidized paint.
    Also has Bassett 2403 water cooled exhaust pipes, think the boat was setup for a 450-454?
    panther valve covers
    no motor
    Where can I find the Value of all this and best place to sell the whole thing or the parts.
    Best local offer I got was $300 for the whole boat plus trailer, I think the jet drive is worth more then that from a check on eBay. If I had the money I would try to get a motor and redo it myself but I'm not much of a boat guy.

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    At this point do not part it out. There are a couple of online resources where this type of boat may draw a lot of interest. Performance Boat .com Performance Boats Online - Event Coverage, Photos, Videos, Forums and News https://www.performanceboats.com/forum.php features exactly this type of boat.. Or Fiberglassics.com FiberGlassics® - Home http://www.fiberglassics.com/ where they talk mostly about boats from the 50's. 60's and 70's. Try Performance boats first. They have a forum specifically for jet boats and there is usually a lot of discussion about Berkeley Jet drives. Just a quick look turned up 3 jet boats from the 70's and one was a 1972 22' Tahitian.
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    Boats like that have very little value unless you find the right person. $300 to local buyer is about all you can expect.

    Tapping into a demographic where it may bring more money would be great, but even then you need a somewhat local buyer.

    These boats in that condition are sometimes given away, or someone is paid to haul it away.
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    What ondarvr says is true to a point. But if you tap into the enthusiast market you can then perhaps at least sell the parts without giving them away. Berkeley Jets and parts are hard to come by from that period. People who are into classic boats are always looking for OEM parts. Just as an example, I have a 1972 Sea Ray and I am always on the lookout for OEM parts. Two years ago I had to replace the engine , a mercruiser 165 6cyl inline, which is really just a GM 250, but it took me the better part of a year to find one in running condition, it's a 1978 but it's the exact same engine the boat came with out of the factory. People on Fiberglassics are always looking for OEM parts. Unfortunately most of the parts end up in a landfill or are melted down and recycled. You won't make a fortune on this but there are people who will want them.
    Here's a link to Berkeley's website. Just FYI Berkeley Jet Drive Techincal Information https://www.berkeleyjet.com/t-bj_tech.aspx
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