'78 Chrysler 105hp with a few issues (new owner)

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by wildcat71, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. wildcat71
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    wildcat71 Junior Member

    well, took the boat out today. took a lil while for the motor to warm up (20-30 mins) idk the last time it was out. did pretty good, for awhile, than i started to find a few issues.

    1: max rpm on the motor was only 3500, book says should be 5000-5500. 3500rpm, with 4 adults 1 teenager, was good for about 30mph on the choppy water.

    2: after running for about 1-2 hrs, the engine just died. wasnt getting any electric power out of ignition (key) switch. after some searching, checking fuses, wiring, and ignition (key) switch. realized there was a circuit breaker (with a reset switch) in the ignition system. reset switch, and all was good. so i thought. when trying to run above 2000-2500 rpm, breaker would "trip" after a short while. nursed it back in to the docks only running about 1500-1700rpm.

    everyone got a lil sun, and was a pretty good day for the first run IMHO. so if anyone knows what or where i should be looking for to fix these "initial" problems, any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    also, does anyone know it they make a "reseal/rebuild" kit for the hydraulic trim/tilt.
  2. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Sound like the motor need a good going over ! with all that weight it should still pull 4500 to 5000 rpms at 105 hp . If the breaker keeps tripping out electrics need a good look at !!. :confused:
    Need to find a manual and spend some time reading it from cover to cover !!:p
  3. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Cant believe you would still use a 28 year old motor. They were not very good when they were new.

    Get it running best you can and take a spare 3HP,-- and some oars.

    Your gonna be doing a lot of rowing --sorry.
  4. wildcat71
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    wildcat71 Junior Member

    just bought the boat back in late Feb. early Mar. and thats what it had on it. only spent $1200. have fixed the leaking tilt/trim, $20 in o-rings and cleaners. found that the CD unit on the side if motor was just "flopping" around, 2 of the 3 bolts were broke. im thinking this may be a cause for the "tripping" circuit breaker. wont know until i find bolts/mounts to fix. found 1 shop in Florida with them, and they want $130 for the kit. so lucky for me, i guess, is that its still early in the year, and i have time for these repairs before summer.
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Ok Ide have bought it too, just to have some fun messing with it.

    Circuit breaker is a fancy fuse they can get weak if tripped a lot, just replace it with a fuse!!.

    Bolt to fasten ignitor 130 dollar? just get some normal bolts in it.

    Doubt if thats your breaker prob, breakers go with too much not too little.

    I suggest you spend as little as possible until you have mustered up any kind of reliability with it.
  6. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    If the circuit breaker isn't a hermetically sealed one, it will be corroded inside and trip too early. It can be replaced with an inline fuse holder with neoprene or plastic caps.

    You are the owner of a museum piece: very few big Chryslers are still in running condition.
  7. Zappi
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    Zappi Senior Member

    There's definitely good reason for that. Dont throw too much money or time at it.
  8. wildcat71
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    wildcat71 Junior Member

    the sun was out yesterday, and i had the day off, so i did some more investigating on the motor. what i found was chaffed and frayed wires under the flywheel that goto the cd unit and the distributor from the junction block. little bit of heat shrink and some wire loom, and i think i fixed her. starts right up, idles good, wont know for sure until i get her back in the water. so far the most expensive fix has been the cd unit mounts ( found all 3 of em for $60)

    EDIT: i also found some corrosion on the plug wires at the distributor. clipped about 1/2" off and reinserted with a little diaelectric silicone.
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  9. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    A little TLC does wonders ! most times its the simplest of things that cause the biggest problems Loose wires ! corrosion ! and things that just need some oil or crease to lubricate here and there . If the crc isnt dripping off the whole motor and the controls etc its going to give problems is what i live by . Any thing mechanical and moves needs lubricating inside of out !
    A light spray everytime its used and put away and nature does its thing , no corrosion , Bolts come undone when you have to take things apart . crc penetrates into all the joins and parts you cant see.
    Wires and termials shed water and moisture and never get wet and if the wires move then they will chaff and cause shorts and all those kinds a things . Shrink wrap and silicone electrical grease does wonders .
    a little Tender Love and Care is all it needs !!:D
  10. pistnbroke
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    pistnbroke I try

    Frosty ..whats all this about 28 year old motors?? I have a 1952 outboard that still runs a treat ..thats nearly 60 years old
  11. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Do I really have to explain that to you?
  12. wildcat71
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    wildcat71 Junior Member


    got her back into the water this last weekend down here in Lake Havasu, Az. she did great, spent about 6 hrs out on the lake and in the English Channel, did the whole London Bridge thing. and not 1 problem. so it would appear the frayed and shorting wires were my only problem. the whole family enjoyed the day of boating, looking forward to doing more of it this summer. Happy Boating everyone

  13. Bglad
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    Bglad Senior Member

    My brother had a Chrysler 105 in the early '80s he bought new and it was a pretty good motor. He had no problems while he owned it and I think he sold it and his boat to my uncle who was a handline snapper fisherman in Key West. He used it to cast net bait from until it wore out from hours. The boat was very flat converted from a jet drive so was easy to push which may be why the motor did not give any problems.

    My grandfather used to pick up and leave whenever he saw one because he complained he was always have to tow them in...
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