7,45 powercat design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by vander, Nov 21, 2003.

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    I am novice in this forum, so I would be very pleased if I can learn some from you and you from me :)

    I am starting a design of a 7,45 m powercat for sportfishing and I would like some comments from you about the design of the hull.

    The data of the boat will be:

    Hull lenght:7,5 m
    Max beam: 3,75 m
    Hull beam: 1,50 m
    Displacement: 3600 Kg at 0.4 m draft

    The hull would be something like attached.

    It will be stepped for gaining displacement for ahead and transverse seas approaching.

    Would be a good idea to make an assymetric hull with less angle inside for gaing efficiency (the beam would be increased to maintain displacement)

    I don't really know very much the difference between symmetryc VS assymetry hull in powercats.

    Best regards

    José Luis

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  2. BrettM
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    I would make the lower chine much wider. The way it looks there I imagne it to be a wet boat. Hard to tell with only a single view.

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  4. badges65
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    Hi,you might want to look at an IVB hull before you decide,
    it will out perform a cat only requires one motor and would be cheaper and easier to build.
    you will end up with approx the same dimensions a cat and even more stability!!!

  5. vander
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    I´ll com back with more views.


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