65" Hollywood Runabout W/60 Evinrude W/Pics!

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by blackriver4x4, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. blackriver4x4
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    blackriver4x4 New Member

    Hi, I am new to the Site and Just Aquired a 1965 Hollywood Runabout With a 60 HP. Evinrude Short Shaft. I don't know anything about this type of boat. I am an avid fisherman and boater But have always ran Jets. I was really looking for some input on what i have and whether it is on good enough condition to make water ready again. It has not been ran in 30+ years. It has however been stored inside and out of the weather and appears to be in good condition for its age. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again, hollywood.jpg


  2. kajatar
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    kajatar Junior Member

    Probably a bit late to answer this but here goes. Can't tell anything about the boat from the pics except to say that it looks a lot like the Caribbean Belmonts of the early 60's, although yours doesn't have the tumblehome rear end that the Belmonts had. If the engine hasn't run in 30 odd years you may need a new set of gaskets. They have a tendency to dissolve if the motors aren't run for many years. Solenoids in the gearbox may be no good (if it has the electric shift gearbox). Other than that it's a simple 2-stroke engine so they're pretty bulletproof. From what you can see from the photos, and providing the hull is sound, I certainly wouldn't have a problem taking it fishing.
  3. Dshli
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    Dshli New Member

    Personally I think you should get a new engine because if it hasn't been run for 30 years it may be useless, also from past experiences ever nudes break easily and are crap.
  4. Wayne Grabow
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    Wayne Grabow Senior Member

    Please tell us about all your past experiences with "ever nudes".
  5. gonzo
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    The carburetors are most likely in need of being rebuilt. The fuel pump may be gummed up too. Before doing much work on it though, take the plugs off and spray it with WD40 or something similar. Take a compression test and if it is OK, then invest in a tuneup.
  6. waikikin
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    waikikin Senior Member

    I think Dshli might have been thinking of Even Ruder, just a guess.


  7. Dshli
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    Dshli New Member

    Lol what a mistake

    I meant to say evernuide as in the engine. Lol
    Anyway my friend has went through 4 of them that all broke because of bad parts and other stuff.:confused:
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