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65' Fiberglass Catamaran project to complete

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Water_Gypsy, Apr 16, 2016.

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    65' x 36' fiberglass catamaran for you to finish. Husband died. Wife is heartbroken and does not have the cash left to finish it alone but would like to see it completed. WELL OVER $250,000 (USD) in materials and $750,000 (USD) labor invested to this point. This is a one of a kind design meant to be a liveaboard yacht or blue water cruiser. Planned for sail but could be power only.

    Hulls are solid fiberglass lay-up, not cored. Well insulated throughout. Many reclaimed hardwoods have already been installed in the main deck such as oak, maple, black walnut, cherry, etc. Pilot house has barn-find redwood ceiling.

    7 foot headroom throughout. Main deck is 2 large master cabins, large dining room and salon. Hulls are meant to finish out as galley, heads, showers, v-berths, laundry room, etc. Fully enclosed pilot house measures 8' x 20' with its own bathroom roughed in. All windows are double pane, E-gas, 1 pane laminated, 1 pane tempered safety glass.

    THIS IS A PROJECT BOAT - It does not have engines and needs the plumbing, tanks, steering and interior finished. Main electrical wires have been run. S.S. Prop shafts with lock nuts and zincs are included (specially manufactured right and left hand threads). Used props, transmissions and V-drives are available as are many other parts and tools.

    Exterior is coated with high-tech epoxy impervious to all chemicals. Needs to be primed and painted.

    Everything about this boat is exceptional and beautifully done to this point. Documentation of the complete build detailing construction, materials and design.

    Wife is open for options of shared ownership, business charter, cash, possible trade for house/property, or ??? Best reasonable offers considered. Interested parties can respond with private messages.

    Thank you

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