+65' alloy cat-from-hell !!

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Jack Daniels Eq, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Jack Daniels Eq Shockwave

    Could ya be a little more specific ?
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Electronics References & Kite Power

    I believe you would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgable guy in boating electronics of all sorts than Nigel Calder who authors many of those articles I referenced fro Professional Boatbuilder magaine, If you know a more up-to-date, and/or knowledgable source let me and the rest of this forum know of them. I might suggest you look at issue #107, #108, #109, and #112 for starters

    Yes, many times you have to sort thru a number of less informed postings on any one subject thread, but often there appears a random posting by some individual that adds a lot to the overall knowledge base....I believe that is the basic idea behind these public forums :rolleyes:

    I believe I have suggested such a kite-assisted vessel here:
    New Age Trawler/Motorsailer; Kite-assisted PowerYacht

  3. Jack Daniels Eq
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    Jack Daniels Eq Shockwave

    Hey Brian - tnx for URL's although most dont work or they wanna recruit me into the Royal Navy - I dont think so - but here's the rub, so to speak.
    I dont really need the names or URL's of sailmakers, cabinetmakers, GRP molds & builders, diesel-electric motors, gearboxes, prop or engine repairers & wrenches. I am looking for the highest tech in the world, that we can adapt or integrate into our yachting environment so as to make it more pleasurable, more fun, safer, quicker, less expensive and pollution-free - for all. And thats just for starters. The word 'due-diligence' comes to mind also. Tesla is good, fossil fuel is a no/no. Old tech is out - toast. Dont want no oil burners or leaky trannys or warm beer or Martinis Definitively no smoke or engine rod/valve rattle Have no use for empty gas tanks or water tanks or dried out ol' diesel engines & useless trannys - leave them all on shore.
    Would dearly love the names of your guys who are building alloy cats in Thailand - that would be real-time, current feedback and very helpful.
    My intent is to design & build the best all-electric-yacht in the world - then share it with the world. It is a collaborative effort, no medals or ego trips. Like GPL Linux
    Truth be known, I read some of Tom Spears' stuff and came back for more - got hooked.
    With a couple solid wings, couple kites, 50 amps courtesy sun, wind, sea, there aint much more a simple guy could hope for, after ya factor in cold beer, cocktail hour Martinis, hot babes, good music, clear water dives, peace & quiet, great music, a bunch of buds, 10/20 knots .... hell - need I go on?!
    All that is before we leave the beach.
    I believe that we have just begun to scratch the surface here.
    The oil company rip must finally come to an end - at least for the here & now !!
    Big Collider day today !!
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