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    I bought a 16' Trail craft fiberglass canoe. The hull has some integrity. I'm considering, adding a layer of cloth and resin to outside hull. This will add strength to the crazed and brittle glass. I will appreciate, what weight cloth to use, and how much additive, to delay hardening. I'm working alone. The boat needs gunnels and can layer new cloth up to the side edges. My apprehension is how to avoid a heavy boat.

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    A single layer of fabric isn't going to add much strength ore stiffness to the hull. The gelcoat would need to be removed and lots of fairing would be involved in a process like this and yes, you'll be adding a fair bit of weight, depending on the cloth type and weight. It might be a better approuch to bend or laminate new rails in place and see where you stand, before committing to additional fabric. It's likely the rail (gunnel) addition will stiffen her up considerably, possibly enough to forgo more fabric.

    What's the outside look like? Is it a reasonably easy set of cosmetic repairs or more serious. If it's in reasonable shape, just fix and refinish the exterior and if you have to reinforce things, do it on the inside, where fairing requirements will be less visible.
  3. Martin Baiada
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    Here is a photo of the bottom hull which, as you can see, has been compromised. It need be ground/faired and redressed. 20170507_083808.jpg
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    It doesn't look that bad. You may just need to give it a heavy sanding and repaint.

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    Agree with Par & Gonzo, adding an extra layer externally is not going to help much. It's clear you need a fresh set of gunwales. I would use ash as it bends easily and is a rather tough wood...perfect for gunwales. If you spot a damaged area in the fibers you could sand and apply a layer or two of fiberglass internally, but there should be no need to completely apply a layer. As for the external hull, it appears to have a thin layer of gelcoat. Just sand it down very smooth and apply a coat or two of UV paint or thin layer of sprayed gel coat. Follow-up with a good buffing and you're set for many seasons of happy paddling. Below is a handy general use fiberglass repair guide if you do have to make some repairs.

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