6000 mile row Japan-USA

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by johnhazel, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Last Sunday, June 07, Sonya Baumstein started rowing from Japan to the USA.
    Here is a link to her boat design:

    She is having a rough start. After 2 days she has made 36 miles and is currently struggling with a foul wind. The red start in the graphic is her current location.
    Hopefully better winds will come soon and she will make it into the stronger parts of the Kuroshio Current.

    track her:

    check the weather conditions:

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    Thanks for posting Doug
    I have read about this, and yes what can we say,
    in her own words
    and I suppose that is perfectly good reason to stop ;)

    One a second thought, tomorrow morning when I drag my sorry butt full of aches and pains out of bed I'll just quit and go back to bed :p
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    Failure is not just inevitable. It is essential. She is stronger than ever now. I wish her all the best on her next crossing.
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    That's a bit unfair, I think. There were a number of factors against her, starting with her being unable to get her boat to Japan due to the port shutdowns in the US. You need some good luck to get this done, and she didn't have it. I've failed to climb more mountains than anybody I know, but I've also managed to climb quite few . Taking a convenient bail-out is prudent when luck is running against you. And it isn't as if she could just decide early on to go half way and call it quits the way I can on a mountain. She'll probably give it another try next year. I thought her report in the video was very well reasoned and presented.

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    There is song out there whose lyrics include; "You gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em". Ms. Baumstein might be nuts for attempting such a feat but she is smart enough to know when to "fold 'em".
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