60' Moth-A Preliminary Detailed Design Exploration

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Doug Lord

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    Randy, your exact words were: " However, if it could be built it has the potential to compete with ORMA 60's". Of course you've said a lot of things.....
    One additional thing: for the Quad cat to even use two foils on each side and sail on only two at a time it needs to have really great sail control allowing the boat to constantly fly a hull upwind or downwind. If you added movable ballast-lets say the same as the monofoiler- you could increase the max RM of the Quad cat from 253,000ft.lb. to 434,000 ft. lb. but heres the rub: the control range of RM is between 253,000 and 453,000 ft. lb.-IT CAN"T GO TO ZERO- or below 253,000 while flying a hull.
    On the other hand the monofoiler can go from 0 to max RM while on foils at any time giving FAR SUPERIOR CONTROL of RM.
    So just from a control standpoint I think the monofoiler has a chance against a quad cat.I'm thinking that because of it's better RM control and selfrighting/selfrescuing capability the 60' monofoiler could be pushed harder in a race than the quad cat with far better control and seakeeping ability.
    But generally-like I said in the first post -a well designed multifoiler SHOULD beat the monofoiler.
    But the 60' monofoiler keelboat could provide speeds "competitive with ORMA 60's"(quote by RHOUGH) on a self righting and/or self rescuing platform.
    It's a DESIGN EXPLORATION that you yourself have said has real potential against multihulls . You say it can't be built; others considerably more knowledgeable than you or me say that it CAN be built......
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    Just to let yon know, you are up against the king of mental ************, who long ago went blind. Doug’s mo is the more “technology” the better, regardless if it’s beneficial. I’m sorry to tell you that you can’t win this war; all you can do is fight the good fight. I mean how can anyone compete against someone who has no job, and surfaces the internet all day.
  3. RHough
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    Yes ... I have first hand experience trying to get Doug to think within the bounds of physical possibility.

    It's kind of like trying to teach a pig to sing ... all you do is frustrate yourself and annoy the pig ... and it still doesn't sing. :(
  4. RHough
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    "" However, if it could be built it has the potential to compete with ORMA 60's". " ... allow me to rephrase to make my meaning CRYSTAL clear ...

    "If you could built the Fantasy Foiler that requires anti-gravity and unobtainium, it has the potential to compete with a handicapped ORMA 60'"

    Gee Doug what happens when the RM goes to zero?

    What direction would the boat sail? (Hint: all you need is grade 8 math to figure out the answer)

    The really great sail control is required of both boats ... it can't be done within the rules so neither boat has an ice cubes chance in hell of ever working.

    Doug ... you seem to know all the designers that are "considerably more knowledgeable" than I ... get just ONE of them to post here in this thread in support of the Fantasy Foiler idea. Since they are "considerably more knowledgeable" than I am, why don't you quote them instead of quoting me?

    You keep going on about it being a design exploration ... give me a break ... read Tom Speer's design exploration for his offshore trimaran ... calling your fantasy a design exploration is an insult to Tom's hard work.

    You have not come up with one idea to solve any of the obvious problems with the "design" ...

    I have no doubt that your 16 foot Aero-Skiff would foil in fine fashion according to your research ... what does the fact that it didn't foil well (or at all) tell you about how able your design and engineering skills are?

    As far as I know you haven't been able to get a canting keel and sliding deck ballast to work reliably on a displacement hull ... much less a foiler ...

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    I'm afraid this thread is going in a very negative direction and will only get worse, so I'm going to do something uncommon for the forums here and go ahead and lock it. I only desire to keep the forums focused on ideas; personal attacks back and forth and back and forth are a waste of bandwidth. Locked.
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