60+' custom Harryproa cruiser "Kleen Breeze" first trials

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by lucdekeyser, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. rob denney
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    The boat is 2/3 the weight and 1/4 the downwind sail area as the Gunboat 66, how does it compare the gunboat in terms of interior space? I'm currently looking at cruising cats in the 13.7 by 7.3 meter range and I'm curious about the amount of interior space.
  3. lucdekeyser
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    Kleen Breeze is a custom one off that happens to prove the configuration of the newer schooner harryproa's. Better is to compare a 45' foot cat with the 50' harryproa. It has two queen size berths each with toilet and shower in the windward hull and space for two single bunks or one single bunk with toilet and shower in the leeward hull.
  4. rob denney
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    Kleen Breeze's interior is not yet complete, but as far as I know the plan is for 4 double cabins with ensuites, the same as the GB 66. Cabin space is probably larger on the GB.

    Now that we have the build method sorted out INTELLIGENT INFUSION – Harryproa http://harryproa.com/?p=1845 , we are expanding the harryproa range. Cruising boats currently on the drawing board or being built range from folding 40'ters with headroom only where it is required through to 70' live aboards. All are considerably lighter, cheaper, quicker to build and with higher power to weight than Kleen Breeze.

    Interiors range from 2 doubles/1 bathroom through to 4 doubles with ensuites plus a couple of singles. Generally speaking, the cruisers have comfortable space for X people to live, 1.5X people to sleep, 3X people to dine and 8X people to party. In the case of the C60 CRUISER 60 (revised) – Harryproa http://harryproa.com/?p=1747#more-1747 this would be 4 live aboards, 6 for a week at a time, 12 for dinner and 32 for a party.

    Kleen Breeze shows the open deck space. On the new boats this includes comfortable seating for plenty of guests and storage for water toys. On the C60, 30+ people can sit comfortably on the deck, most of them around tables. None of them would need to move if you decided to go for a sail.

    If you let me know your requirements (here or to harryproa@gmail.com) for space, speed and cost, I will let you know some options.
    An advantage of the harryproa format is the scope for varying the layout in the windward hull and bridgedeck as there are no rig, daggerboard, engine or rudder constraints. If what you want is not available in a stock plan, we can work with you on a custom design.
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    I'm in the Caribbean at the moment in the BVI. The ugly Kelsal proa is here. Last year when I was here it was for sale. Looks like it failed as a charter boat.

    I'm looking forward to more vids on this latest custom proa. Looks great and I'm glad the owner pulled through at got it finished.

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    Here it is

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