6 HP briggs & Stratton outboard conversion

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    Tach Unit

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the additional information on the tach units.

    I did a little test this morning in a barrel filled with water to check out the exhaust system. I have a Harbor Freight digital temp gauge. I got readings as high as 740 degrees on the exhaust pipe. The motor case was reading a little over 200 degrees. I cranked up another lawnmower and read the temperatures on the muffler and they were around 350 degrees. Don't know what all that means but thought I would share.

    On a side note, I took a moment this morning and checked the Sea King 6.0 HP outboard motor that I traded for and it had good spark on both plugs. So we put it in the test tank and hooked up a temporary fuel tank with no primer bulb to the fuel pump. It started and ran pretty good but I think the carb could use a rebuild as it didn't idle that well. I intend to take the carb apart and clean it and also try and find a proper gas tank that has the pressure bulb in line for priming. It is the old style with only a single line connection. It will also need a new prop as the one that is on the motor is cracked and chewed up. I am pretty happy with the results so far.;)

    I found a series of You Tube videos on rebuilding Sea Kings that I think will be very helpful. I will probably start a new thread on that engine.

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    pistnbroke I try

    like I said try with the std muffler ..take readings if you want and then the new one..shame you could not have hidden the snake in the leg ....

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    I see that the last post here was from a while back. I would really like to see some updates on how your project turned out. I have a similar project in mind if I can find the parts I need. These threads are very helpful.
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