~ 6.5m design for amateur construction

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by BriceL, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. BriceL
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    BriceL New Member


    I am looking for different options in order to built a 6-7 m boat.
    Most probably a sport boat, but It would be nice to have something that goes well in choppy seas (melbourne weather).

    The options I saw are Thompson 650, some mini designs (also probably a bit expensive)

    The max budget would be around 20,000 AUD...

    ideas anyone ?
  2. Raggi_Thor
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    Raggi_Thor Nav.arch/Designer/Builder

    Didi 26 is longer than your rec. (8 meters), but very light, approx 1000kg with 400kg lead bulb. I estimate a complete kit for building the boat (hull, deck, interior, epoxy) costs 8000USD while a complete rig may cost 4000USD.
  3. mojounwin
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    Try a Barry Colson design,
    He's a Kiwi designer that is now based on Bribe Island in Queensland.
    He should be able to customise a design to suit your needs for cheaper then most designers would sell you a stock plan set.

    his website is

    Best of luck

  4. BrettM
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    Perhaps I can help. I have a 7.5m sportsboat design, which may interest you. Built as an E-Glass foam/balsa using CNC cut jigs and plugs, it might be usefull in its current form but is more expensive than your budget allows. One has been home built here in queensland.

    Conversely, adapting it to a smaller version and altering some of the material specifications could bring it into your budget range. There is a deck mould available for the 7.5m which could be used without too much modification.

    Send me your email address I will forward some photos (too big to post here).

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