5m sport multihull new design

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by josselin, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    This is my first message here but I have been happy to read you for some time now.

    Here is my project: a 5m trimaran.
    It would be a sail boat for daily raid. Friends, family and good fun and speed.

    Here are the main fixture of the design I have in mind :
    5m long for the main hull, 4m for the floaters, 4m wide
    weight? 100/120kg
    Sail area : main :14m2 gib: 4m2 spinnaker :20m2
    Floaters about 300% of the displacement
    One rudder and one derive sabre on main hull

    Construction : I need to be able to build it myself in a reasonable period of time.
    For the 3 hulls, I would like to use the technique of thin plywood +carbon epoxy reinforcement such as used here : http://www.moth.it/MarcosCorner.htm
    the “roof” would be used only for the main hull to help supporting the mast, the bow could be inverted to be a bit wave piercing, just for fun.
    2 arms in straight carbon tube through the main hull bolded in the hulls.
    Carbon mast unstayed such as http://www.juanyachtdesign.com/projects-krazykyote.html for such a small boat you just need to oversize a little bit the mast section.

    I would like this boat to be light but strong, the ply wood would helpfor the shape and resistance, the carbon too.
    I have no really budget for this construction that is why now I say carbon but it could be reinforcement in fibreglass, arm tubes and mast in aluminium too…

    Any ideas welcome, comments too

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    Munter Amateur

    Would you be wanting to fold the amas for trailering? If so, that mechanism will be very important for your design.
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  4. josselin
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    josselin New Member

    thanks for the links, it can help and gives ideas.

    yes it could be folded or i would say dismanteled : the arms bolded on the floaters and central hull could be removed to allow transportation.

    i should scan some of my designs for you to have a better idea
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