'57 Chris Craft restoration nearing completion, but...

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by markp, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Markp, Don't worry about posting pictures of work in progress. Actually, that's what you should be doing. When people here can see your work, as it's being done, they can point out issues and offer suggestions on how to solve problems. When I did my restoration years ago there were times that posting pictures caused some people to point out errors in my fiberglassing techniques that I didn't realize. I was able to correct those problems. In one case I made an error and caused a problem in a joint between two pieces of decking ply (a joint) that didn't show up as a crack in the deck until 3 years after the boat was back in the water. Once I posted photos of the cracked deck and explained how I did the work people explained what I did wrong and how to do a proper repair. Not posting enough caused extra work for me!

    So don't be shy. Doing boat restoration is always a somewhat messy proposition. We all know that. BTW, as you do those projects spending some money on dust masks and an organic respirator wouldn't be a bad idea.


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    Just keep the engines you have and upgrade the safety systems to the required standards,and take it out and enjoy it,the guys that designed and built your boat new what they were doing, like the Chris Craft 57 foot constellation,the Cadillac of Motor yachts!
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