50hp johnson

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by astull, May 6, 2012.

  1. astull
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    astull astull

    I have a 1997 50 hp johnson outboard went to run it for first time today cranking over good but not firing boat ran great when i pulled it last fall any ideas
  2. souljour2000
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    Id go to outboard forum or iboat.com or one of those online forums where you can ask questions... you probably have dirty carb though or bad plugs but it could be a few things...if it sat since last fall with gas in the carb bowl then its probably plugged the tiny jets in the carb...
  3. villacose
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    Johnson's are incredibly reliable, i had a 1996 40 hp and ran it year after year after year in Alaska and never did anything to it, but one thing that can happen to a lot of engines is that over a cold winter the vacuum lines crack or slip off the nipples. this is really common on chainsaws too. i would look over every single thing you can without taking anything apart, check for dirty connections, etc, before taking it to someone if you can't fix it yourself.
  4. PAR
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    Some simple tests will reveal all on your 50 HP. See if she has fire at the plugs with a tester or spare plug grounded against the block. If you have a spark then it's fuel delivery (the most likely issue). If you left fuel in it over the winter, it's probably gummed up all the passages and needs a complete cleaning. If you don't have spark, then you need to check out the ignition system.

  5. astull
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    astull astull

    thanks for all the help got it narrowed down to dirty carbs going to clean them tommorrow
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