505 hull in Freeship

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by SteveMellet, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. SteveMellet
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    SteveMellet Senior Member

    Anyone have a 505 hull model in Freeship ? I`ve taken ownership of a beat up old 505 and want to turn it into something that floats again, and would like to do some sketching as to what the possibilities might be.
  2. wooden505
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    wooden505 New Member

    Hopefully the hull is not so much beaten that you need to reshape the hull with software support ;-)

    You can do some easy fairing by thin wood pieces at nearly any part of the 505 hull. Only the S curve parts are more difficult, but not so much relevant in terms of measurement.

    Just post a picture of the damage, maybe a quick sufficient advice is possible.

  3. nosweat
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    nosweat New Member

    I can help you with a hull model of the 505 in Freeship. Let me know how I can contact you.

    The model I have is based on the original hull offsets and will be slightly different from your boat.

    It is however a good point to start planning the construction of a new 505. Maybe wooden 505 can give a short description of how he went about planning and constructing the 505 he is busy with?

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