50' performance cruising sailcat

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by vanquishcc, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Eager to learn as much as I can about cruising cats, I just reread this - some might say, hijacked thread-, and am reminded of a philosophical phrase; "nothing is neither good nor bad 'cept thinking makes it so". Never the less I did learn from it.
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    When money/careers/profits are involved the truth is in the wake, not at the point. Sometimes I wonder if regulations just are about controlling those factors, under the guise of safety.
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    If these standards are well formed and proper, where is the measure that they are worth thier weight? Mindlessly braying 'ISO' makes nothing safer, lighter, or smarter.
  4. vanquishcc
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    Thank you for your input. I have watched the YouTube video of your model. VERY cool. I also have thought about building a scale model. I have kids and they are excited about the new boat if I ever get around to building it. I think building a model would be fun for them to be included. Especially seeing my CNC cut out the parts and being able to help assemble. Down the road I'm sure they will be elbows deep in fiberglass and epoxy.
    I have spoken with many designers and none want to get involved unless THEY are doing the entire design and charging 40 to 65k. At which time most want the rights to the design when finished. I understand their reasoning, but don't agree with it in my case. Not that I intend to produce any more boats of this model, but my work is my work and I'm quite capable in my skill set. Like you, I intend to design the boat myself in Rhino and then have an engineer help work out the layup schedule and other things. So far I have found one that is willing to help in this capacity.
    Early on I have spoken with Schionning directly. They are great boats and great people, but from what they told me, after you buy the plans you have to buy THEIR kit to build one. That is great considering how much time will be saved, but the boat will not be exactly what I am after so I will spend more time/money to change it. They would do custom plans for 65k. A nice option if nothing else works out, but again not what I want do. I would certainly be happy with one of their "stock" boats. Can't go wrong there, but that is not my goal. I agree the forum can be frustrating. Look at the direction this post has gone. Very frustrating. I look forward to seeing more of your story as you design and build. Perhaps we can have a self-designed home-built RC regatta!
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    @vanquishcc, I would like to offer you my collaboration as a professional, of course for much less than those 65k you are talking about. If you want us to go deeper into the help you need, you can send me a PM in this forum or an email to tansl02@hotmail.com

  6. vanquishcc
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    Yes sir. You are the one professional I was referring to.
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