50 ft Cat in the Med, a charter enquiry

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by apex1, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Thats IT Wayne! They leave their boats in absolutely EVERY idiots hand as long as the idiot has a sort of boat license, and mom can hold a rope, but have it difficult to entrust it to five seasoned sailors.
    No, I know the background mate.
    But thank you for contributing..............;)
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    Mediterranean Cat Charters

    Hi Apex 1,

    I can suggest a chartering company that suits your requirements.

    Boatbookings Mediterranean Catamaran Charters

    They are a friendly company, who can work to your budget through out the quoting process. They have a range of sizes, including your 50'.

    Let us know who you pick!


  3. apex1

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    Thank you Chris, I know them already, they have only one boat on offer in my range, the 62ft Anassa. (Eastern Med).
    But I was not looking for a charter agency, I know plenty of them. I thought our Cat gang here would be pleased to convince me of their design/s. But straight nothing....................................................

    And thanks to all the other contributors as well! We have a boat from next week on, a mono of course.

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