50 ft Cat in the Med, a charter enquiry

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by apex1, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Hi folks.

    Many times, in several Catamaran related threads, I was named biased against Cat´s. Some of the Cat designers assumed I had never sailed one, some made guesses if I´ve seen one. Although these assumptions came from people which never met me, nor wasted a thought about their permission to judge me, it was a bit bothering, why? Well, my skills are way below my motor vessel knowledge that is true.

    Now I decided to have a few days off duty and go sailing a bit. Having no own vessel since a few years I have to charter, or use my demonstrators. The latter reduces value in a senseless figure, so the former is the choice.

    Now my question:

    does anyone around here know of a Cat for charter in the Mediterranian Sea? Preferrably the Eastern Med (in case I have to see my yards it was convenient to be not in Portugal).

    I know there are hundreds of charter agents, all happily offering what I look for. But I thought I will give all of our Cat advocates a chance to convince me of the merits of their toys.

    Of course I´ll pay the usual rates and deposit, insurance and the like. (MYBA terms). Due to the fact that there must be no broker fee, I guess I will save some € anyway. The market asks for a bit over 10.000€ for a 50´per week.

    The crew: my Girlfriend and me, a friend, and a couple, so five people. The friend is a cat sailor, the other guy and spouse seasoned mono sailors, my Girl a young, skilled mono Deckhand, I have a Master unlimited (but as mentioned nearly no cat skills).

    The boat: from 50´ on to be comfortable, fast and sufficiently equipped. Radar is obligatory!

    The time: from 12.08.2009 about six weeks (I´m a bit flexible here).

    So then, who is bold enough to offer me his design for a six weeks critical scrutinizing? Remember I´m a Mono-Motor-Man.

  2. apex1

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    Not all together mates. :)

    Where is our Cat pack? Sailing?

    100 hits, but all mono sailors, obviously.
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  3. marshmat
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    Hey Richard,
    I don't have a cat in the Med (I wish I did, though), but curious, are you looking more at a luxury island-hopper, or at an offshore performance type, or....?
    Most of the cat charter ads in the magazines seem to have "condomarans" featured prominently in the pictures; I too would be interested to know if there are any companies offering charter cats designed with more serious sailing in mind.
  4. apex1

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    Thanks for your reply Matt.
    I am completely open for any offer. There is no big difference for me whether I find my fun in sailing fast for a day or five, or just putter around (as I do with the motoryachts I owned), both is relaxing. When I go for the standard market offers of course I´ll find the standard "apartement with a view" crap only.
    That was the main reason to ask here, it might be possible to find something different.
    At least I hoped so, but the reaction by so far was not overly enthusiastic.

  5. yipster
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    yipster designer

    apex1 i've been playing with that idea for years now but "things" get in between
    no dont know of med charters and walking the marina's for "a vendre o a louer" isnt wat your after i guess
    geez even my french gets worse, plz share your checklist with us later on
  6. apex1

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    You are right, I´m in Istanbul at present and here EVERY boat is at least "a louer", but here 95% of the boats are motoryachts (Turks cannot sail, in fact they hire comm. Masters even for 12m motorboats). Dar zijnd deze Mannekens nog n beetje te dom vor.

    So, thats no way to find a boat.
    But it seems this is´nt one either! Where are all our Cat proponents? They pop up like corn on a bar b q grill when you say "Cats are crap" but duck like suricat here.
    Of course I like to share my "checklist" when the trip is done.

  7. floyd
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    floyd New Member

  8. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Thank you very much floyd. Yes the first vessel is much too small. And I know where to charter a boat, there are thousands on offer and half of them are available.
    When you read my post completely you will understand what I´m looking for!

  9. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    Sorry Richard, the only cat I know of here has 350 seats and two very big engines. But I heard a peculiar story that explains why some boats are offered for charter but are hardly ever available.
    I local company with shares on the stock exchange has a row of 37 ft. sailing ships for charter, but they ask ridiculous prices, so they sit quietly in the marina. Their value is depreciated by 25% each year, so next year one of the company managers buys them at a bargain price and immediately sells them!
  10. apex1

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  11. petethai
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    Hi Richard
    why so call Cat-Pack should be excited?
    When I go on vacation, the only person who is excited is my daughter, because she may use my sport car.
  12. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Luxury/pleasure craft is not my field. But I've just emailed my best mate, who is a successful yacht designer and knows most of the "usual suspects"...see what he comes back with.
  13. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Thank you John, but I know how and where I could get a boat for charter. I thought I give our honorable members a chance to convince me of their wholeheartedly praised boats. Obviously most of them are sailing at present, so there is no boat available.

    Does´nt matter, I´ll go for "Plan B" then and consolidate my biased opinion, charter a comfortable, good old mono instead.
  14. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    No prob's Richard...i'll let you know what he digs up anyway :)

  15. waynemarlow
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    Not sure I would want someone with no big multihull experiance chartering my yacht for 6 weeks, perhaps the quietness has a reason :) :) :) :)
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