50 amp or 30 amp or both???

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by rasorinc, Feb 5, 2016.

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    rasorinc Senior Member

    I'm assuming most dock and camp grounds have 30 amp hook-ups with 50 amp
    becoming more common. Sense my boat will be using both dock and camp hookups would it not be best to install a 50 amp main with a 30 amp adapter
    for that size panel
    rather then 2 mains? Thanks much, Stan
  2. tom28571
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    I sense that you are talking about a trailerable boat as it will be using both campground and dock power. The answer depends on level of power your rig needs, not on the level the hook up outlets are are able to supply. If your rig only needs 110V power, then you need only a 110V cable with the appropriate adapter. If you need 220V, then use the appropriate cable for that. In any case the voltage your power panel is wired for dictates what you need.

    Where you may have a problem is if you only have a 30A, 50A or 220V cable rig and the camp or dock only supplies something less. You MAY still get power but the situation is a bit more complicated. I only have 110V panel & breaker in my rig but can get proper power from any of the above with the correct adapter..
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    The amps should be matched to the load capability of the wires. If you go to a higher amp breaker you must use thicker wires to avoid a failure mid line. In other words a thinner wire can handle fewer amps before failing and must have a lesser breaker.


  4. philSweet
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    The plugs are different of course 50rv, 30rv, 50marine, 30marine. All different. Buy a couple big dufflebags and start collecting. I carry about 150 pounds and several hundred bits and bobs with me. Including step bits, drills and taps, grommets, splice kits and knockout bungs. And for what its worth, I don't have a plug, just a pigtail. I disassemble the pedestals and connect to the breakers direct. I run everything in conduit stobs to frustrate the idiots with the weedeaters, and bury the runs where possible. I even carry my own wattmeter. I have every sort of breaker and lug that I've ever seen in a box, and a lot of hookup wire up to #2. If there is power at ground level, I'm good to go. This is where 25 years of full-timing has led me.
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