5 meter deep-v custom cold mold build

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by peterjoki, Jul 27, 2014.

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    I certainly did have issues with glassing. On the strakes it was impossible to get all the air out even with 175gr cloth. Even after a slight rounding of edges with sandpaper. What nightmare that was...

    The next day I decided to sand everything off when considering my best approach to tackel all the air.

    Lesson learned! Rip everything off before cure if it just wont sit. Will save a day of work + collateral damage.
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    It's pretty tricky without a vacuum to pull it all down. Sometimes a good roller and polythene sheet with suitable weighting will give a good result.

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    Corners and fiberglass just don't get along. Inside corners are less of a problem as the glass keeps itself in by itself pretty much and inside radii are easy and more acceptable than radiusing outside corners. I tend to terminate sheathing at outside corners letting the sheathing run off the edge and trimming it once it starts setting. Then the other edge of the corner can be done and you have a harder edge than the wood by itself would offer.

    Looks like you got past it though. Looks good. I'm sure you are eager for progress.
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