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    CNC Wood Wolf and Deer -Morphed Cloud Scan
    Wood Project
    3 Wolfs and 2 Bucks. Point cloud scan and milled in pine wood. Morphed wolf into 3 different wolfs. Milled the morphed wolfs in pine wood. The body and heads positions have changed for each wolf. What is the best way to finish wolfs CNC milled in pine wood? Using 1/8 flat cutter 400 ipm and spindle 12000 finish was very good. Fantastic and extraordinary work projects 12 years FORD PDC experience teaching 5 axis studio milling shown on web site. Milling tooling foam, wood or clay concept Cars, Jets, Trucks, Dogs, Fish, Elk, Deer, Duck or little girls face projects. Any one offer options or examples.

    Main site Link

    I also have little extra time on my 5'x10'x4' out side of Detroit. Word of mouth gets better quality work but the web can show it, all advertising helps. I show 3D models of cars, motorcycles, jets, trucks high-end stuff that are cut in wood and tooling foam. I show a 12” Bear Head milled into an end of a cherry log. www.millit5.com/PointCloud4.html The web is great but getting hits and clients finding your site can be a struggle. My site www.millit5.com I watch the number of hits as an indicator how well the web site works on getting the word out. Get the word out by showing on the web your great products. Find a good web host and build the web pages and publish them to the world.

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    only using your time asking bout the Angelo project 2 windscreen
    is the middle part come sliding out forward from the roof like in my scetch? or what? btw very nice work and a great tool ! :cool:
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