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    Kobus Potgieter Naval Architect

    I'm a Naval designer that had thsi continous problem. What was designed is not what I go out in the end. The answer was to control the whole process not investing into a large factory with loads of professional toolmakers (a dying trade). So I started a 5 AXIS plant. Lot of investment and a high/long learning curve of approx 1 year later, I can now proudly say that we offer a full service of design / 5 axis milling to get product development out cheaper and quicker.

    At the moment is very cost effective and not that expensive. For example - average cost p/m2 is about R3600 . (US $ 472p/m2 or €380 p/m2). I dont think it worth he effort trying to start a product by making it inhouse. I strongly believe that its better to subcontract.
    Try me for some quotes
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    Where are you located and what is that price breakdown in feet?
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