48 evinrude 94, does not run on lake but (almost) fine on hose

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by sboo, Nov 2, 2008.

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    sboo New Member

    carbs cleaned, new carb kits, ran fine @ the shop where i brought it.
    on the lake ... starts, 40 seconds idle (sometimes longer, sometimes nothing)
    back home on the hose it runs like a charm, turn the key it starts and idles fine. but after giving it a little throttle it speeds up quickly and if i throttle back to idle, it keeps running @ high rpms .. had to turn the key a few times, until it finally stopped.

    found an old post on this forum with same issue, but very old thread,
    (sorry for crossposting, but i want to go fishing !! :))
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    Running it on the hose won't tell you much, it can sound good even when running on only one cylinder. Plus there's no back pressure like there would be if it’s in the water, the back pressure will lower the idle speed and can make it harder to start. Continued high idle can be an air leak or the linkage may not be hooked up correctly and not letting the spark advance return all the way. Start by checking for spark on each cylinder and then check the compression, it should be close on each cylinder. There's more to check, but start there.
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