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47 Foot 12 Foot wide powerboat cat plug

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Islandbob45, May 11, 2015.

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    HI: Back in early 2003 we embarked on a project to design and build a big catamaran. The idea was to split a 39' Midnight Express (keeping the beam at 12' so we did not need escorts) and whatever the tunnel width ended up is what it was going to be (I think it ended up being a little over 2 feet wide). We also kept the tunnel as high as possible to eliminate as much of the tunnel coming down hard in a big sea. I was not trying to pack air just gain cockpit room and stability.The first day we took her out it was an HONEST 4 to 6 off Hillsboro inlet. We rigged her with triple 225 opti's and she ran 45 MPH. No very fast but SOOO stable it really was the coolest boat I had ever ridden in. We did not go forward with the design because I could never figure out how to get a decent size head in the sponson. I am tired of moving her around so if someone is QUALIFIED and interested lets talk. I can finance part or take the second hull out of the mold as payment. She has a full skeleton of pipe structure ($22,000.00) inside but needs a lot of finish work. This is a hull plug only! She is in Fort Lauderdale if anyone would like to see her. Lets get creative as it would be a shame to let this hull slip away!
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