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46' Chesapeake Bay Deadrise-We are selling a piece of history...

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by LydellH, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. LydellH
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    LydellH New Member

    ...and a piece of our heart.
    The time has come that we have to sell our "baby".
    She has been good to us but we have to face the fact that we no longer have the time to give her all she needs.
    We are moving out of Hampton Roads and are looking to sell the hull, motor and/or mast and boom to a good home.

    The following is a complete listing of details.

    1988 Chesapeake Bay Deadrise 46' long x 13.10' wide

    Hull: Completely gutted- does not leak. However, needs forward decks (plywood), flooring (plywood), cabin, floor joists, bulkheads and engine bedding
    Deck has been completely replaced from stern to back of previous cabin (approx. 3 yrs ago; plywood and fiberglass)
    Boards are 46' long (no joints); bottom made of juniper/sides made of fir
    Entire hull all stainless steel fasteners (no galvanized)
    Shaft, rudder and shoe iron- stainless steel (Shaft 1 and 1/2 inch)
    Propeller 24x17 Dyna-jet Nibral
    ***will supply lumber for bulkheads, bracing, engine bedding and cabin (fir plywood & clear yellow pine boards)***
    Asking $2500

    Motor: 6v53
    Less than 3000 hours on rebuild
    Includes velvet-drive gear 1.90-1
    Been in inside storage for two years
    Asking $2500

    Mast/Boom:ALL hardware is stainless steel (stainless alone is valued over $1000)
    Mast 12x12 wide at base up to 5' and then tapers to column
    First class-no corners cut on quality
    Been in inside storage for two years
    Asking $1500

    Possibility for negotiations.
    We also have other various items available...from Commercial Fishing equipment to typical fishing accessories and some electronics.

    Feel free to email at baysidecleaning@cox.net or call (757) 930-1395

    Pictures shown are how she looked before being gutted and how she looks now (ready for someone to give her the TLC she deserves!)
    **The first two pictures were taken approx. 4 years ago**
    **The pictures that you see of the hull only were taken 06/19/09**

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  2. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    It was noted today that the contact information in this old post is no longer valid, so hopefully she found a home.

    <Closing this thread now as the contact info is no longer valid.>
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