42' Monk Motorsailer

Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by eej, Jul 12, 2016.

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    We recently became the latest caretakers of this lovely 1960 Ed Monk Sr. motorsailer. She was built in Ballard, WA in 1960, by a yard that had apparently done work on minesweepers during WWII called Seattle Shipbuilding; there's not much info I can find on this yard. The lead shipwright was called Leon Weis(s).

    LOD 42'-6"
    Beam 12'-0"
    Disp 18 tons
    Sail area 470 sq. ft. ??
    Power 50 hp Buda 6BDM-230 diesel

    There is a similar vessel in 'Ed Monk and the Tradition of Classic Boats' called 'Mikay IV' but she is cutter rigged and as a result the rig is farther forward with a bowsprit. It seems likely the lines are the same as 'Madeline'.

    Lots to do on this boat to keep her alive; I hope I'm equal to it!


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    I’m curious how your project came along. I lived aboard a similar Monk motorsailor for several years and have a special heart for the beauty of that design.
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    I really like the layout of this boat, especially the semi-open pilothouse. Very practical, good sun protection and ventilation, and puts watch standers in the middle of the boat with good visibility under way and when docking.

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