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    SHORT SUMMERY: We are offering an approx. 40ft motoryacht project (11,99 m) with innovative design and functions based on a IPS hull.
    The project is for sale including ALL files to start production a.s.a.p. Files as required by industry's leading serial boat builders.


    - one hull for IPS and Sterndrive AND three layouts:
    - OPEN sport cruiser
    - COUPE with closed stern door from salon to Cockpit and glas roof
    - FLYBRIDGE - layou as usual
    - basic deck mold fits to all versions just by changing small parts, windows and equipment stays the same as well. A ver innovative and cost saving system to produce serial boats according European brands as prospective competitors.

    Files have been completed, due to crises beginning End of 2007 project has not moved forward.

    All files done:
    - 3D-surfaces for molding (all GRP parts for all versions)
    - work shop drawings of any steel parts and required equipment
    - furniture drawings (all 3D)
    - detailed part list
    - CE-conformit papers
    - lamination schedule
    - files come with individual render oppurtunities
    - additionally 3d-yachtconfigurator files for the project as well (which shows all combinations for the craft).

    The design and layout has been developed according the demand of several European based internal yacht dealers asking for some innovative ideas.

    Call for detailed papers by PM identifying yourself as manufacturer or commercial partner in maritime industry.

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    oh deary me


    sorry pal, but bad luck, drawings are a dime a dozen (with EU certification)

    hope you have good luck anyway :D
  3. iYacht
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    Thanks Manie for the wishes..

    just to point out one thing clear: it is not just selling a pack of drawings or some draft papers, it's a project where a lot of time and money have been invested and someone might benefit by using it as a basis for developing a new project...

    - and believe me, it won't be hand over to everybody willing to pay for! ;)

    Better to offer it than throwing it into the basket.
  4. apex1

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    Good luck!
    But you will hardly find anyone, especially when you are convinced that you could "handpick" a prospective customer.

    We do not apply to spend our money!

  5. boat fan
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    Summed up I guess.

    Sad to see effort like this come to nothing however.

    I can imagine the hours of work spent on something like this.

  6. Buckie
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    I'm looking for a project myself after many failed attempts with being offered plugs, layup specs and even designs that look great but glass, costs ect don't look right. Furthermore from advice in here I'm wondering if I should start at the very beginning as to speak. Could you give an idea as to the cost you’re looking at ?

    Many thanks...
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