40 ft carbon tri

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by auscat, May 31, 2012.

  1. auscat
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    auscat Junior Member

    Currantly sailing with a bloke who is getting 40ft tri designed.He tells us that the lay up is for 1000g carbon and it will cost $50,000 for the carbon.This seems a bit out to me.Way heavy and too cheap.Thoughts much appreciated.
  2. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    Your right that seems very heavy for a skin laminate particularly if it's a cored construction on a multihull.
  3. DGreenwood
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    That number may be an average? If is includes both sides of the layup and is averaged including the areas around dagger board trunks the bow and stern areas, taped joints (i.e. hull to deck joint) etc. If it is a cruiser and has beaching protection that is even more weight. If it is not an engineered carbon boat maybe the designer is using cloth and not uni , so we are talking even more weight. Sometimes figures like that are used for quick general calculations.
    I have to say that the price sounds way off.
  4. rob denney
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    rob denney Senior Member

    ORMA tris are apparently 600 gsm each side, so 500 for a 40' non flat out racer is not so bad if it includes all the waste, beefing up and tabbing.

    Can't tell whether the price is high or not without knowing how much is required. If it is a racer, the surface area might be as low as 100 sq m. A cruiser could be double this. So 200 sq m/200 kgs for 50 grand is $250 per kg. Maybe ask him to drop me a line as we are currently paying just under 50 bucks a kg for standard modulus.

    Probably a good idea to tell him to order his core asap as well. Divinycell is no longer stocked in Aus so lead times are long and Corecell prices reflect this.

    Who is the designer and builder?


  5. auscat
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    Thanks guys.I don't think the owner quite understands the info he is getting so its a bit like chinese whispers when he asks for an opinion.
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