3D Yacht Renderings - 62m Panamax Ketch by Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by urbanvoyage, Oct 27, 2009.

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    And I was about ask for a ride...:mad:
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    Hey Guys, thanks for the comments! :)
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    Actually she is now sailing and has completed early sea trials and been christened Hetairos. She is a replacement for the 125' cold-molded Hetairos (which I had a hand in designing) built by Abeking and Rasmussen and launched in 1993. That boat is now listed for sale.....asking 13.8m euros.....


    It's interesting the new boat switched designers somewhere along the way....(probably right after the preliminary was done). From Frers to Dykstra and Reichel Pugh. Also the auxiliary propulsion system of 4 Volkswagen diesels driving some hydraulic thrusters is different, complex and techy......
  5. Laranjo123

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    Gud day sirs. Ahm what software did you use to render this? 3d max, maya, autocad , autodesk showcase, Poser?...please
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    I do believe Frers uses NX for 3D modeling. Their web site states they use a few tools overall, but appears to be NX for modeling & analysis.

    "Today, we are working with several 3D programs, utilizing PTC's Pro Engineering, Pro Mechanica, and Siemens NX software in particular to design and produce 3D models for structural work and finite element analysis (FEA)."

    Ref: http://www.germanfrers.com/technology.html

    I do like their large sailing yachts as well...very sleek. Being down in Argentina, you know they are very seaworthy having to deal with those rough seas near the southern ocean.
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    I find it interesting that a 200' nearly flush-deck yacht needs a roll out back porch to set a chaise lounge on. I wonder what the thought process was on that little feature?

  8. Tad
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    I don't know if the "beach" made it on the actual boat but realize the freeboard on a 200+ footer is fairly high. The beach is so the nanny can be close to the children playing in the water.....;)

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