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    My name is Dejan Kober and i'm a CEO of DD3D visualization studio from Croatia.
    I would like to offer our services to anybody interested. We have build many 3d models of ships, boats and other maritime objects, and we are working for past couple years for maritime institute from Denmark, for witch we have build many ships and harbors for use in professional 3d simulator.

    Here are some examples (click on thumbnails to open gallery):
    Cruise ship 3d presentation

    River cruise ship 3d interior presentation

    Deep sea submarine "Alvin"

    That is just a few examples; rest of our portfolio can be seen on our website: DD3D visualization studio
    And you can like our Facebook page, where I try to post some interesting stuff on regular basis: https://www.facebook.com/DD3Dstudio
    And it's good to mention that we are also specialized in production of realtime 3D solutions for presentation purposes (for example, interactive walk-trough application where you can freely walk around presented object or area)

    Feel free to contact us regarding any quastions or projects by using our contact form: CONTACT
    or you can contact me directly via skype by my skype contact: dejan_dd3d
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