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Discussion in 'Software' started by Hizam Haiyon, Apr 22, 2003.

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    I would appreciate if someone could share your knowledge in comparing ShipConstructor(ShipCam) Software System against other 3D CAD Software System in terms of:
    1. Production Accuracy
    2. Technical Support (Quick Response to problems?)
    3. Compatibility with other Analysis Softwares
    4. Can it perform Basic Ship Design and have the model reused for further elaborate Analysis like weight computations and locating Centre of Gravity? Also reuse for NC Production Steel Cutting? Also reuse for material takeoff?
    5. What are their Limitations?
    6. How far back were they established? Which has the most experience in terms of Ship Design and Interface?
    7. Any other fallback in the System?
    Thanks for your assistance and cooperation.

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