3D Boat Rendering

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Elina, May 20, 2019.

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    Could have fooled me. Looks like a real boat in a real place. The shadowing & angles are well done. If you showed the rendering in stages to demonstrate your ability that would be a plus.


    -Picture of shallow lagoon.
    -Picture of yacht.
    -Yacht overlay into lagoon.
    -Add shadows, lighting, blends, etc.

    With the use of drones these days I'm seeing more great shots of boats on the water. While underway I've always imagined a drone that could get a great shot by doing this:

    -As the yacht is under way (about 5-8 knots) the drone takes off with a push of the button.
    -Records a 360 degree view of the boat looking down from about 100-200ft.
    -Perhaps makes some sweeping passes at a safe distance (clear of the sails, above the waves).
    -Lands on its base by itself without falling in the sea!

    I believe there would be a great market for a drone that could pull that off. Some photographers are starting to experiment in this area. Helicopter filming is just too expensive.

    Fair winds!
  3. H2O Wrapz
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    Great job @Elina! What software did you use to build and render with?
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