3D boat models wanted for Ship Simulator game

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Pjotr, Nov 19, 2008.

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    Pjotr New Member

    I am one of the developers of the game "Ship Simulator", released in 20 countries and 7 languages.
    We are now working on the next version of the game, to be released September 2009.

    I saw some wonderful ship models here on the forum, well done everybody!
    We are looking for people who can make 3D vessel models for the new game. Not so much as player vessels, as we have a long list of player vessels planned for the missions already, but as decoration vessels, to populate our sceneries.
    The models need to be reasoably low detail, or else we cannot offer an acceptable performance for people with older PCs.

    At a later stage, when the game is out, we can also offer the vessels in higher detail as player ships on our Shipyard on-line store. That way you can earn some money with your vessel model.

    If you have a few models, or if you are interested to create a lower-resolution version of your boat modes, please let me know.
    You will be credited for your models in the game, the Website and the booklet.
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    yipster designer

    this older thread popped up in my shipsim search and i missed it before in 2008
    i'm an nice old guy ( i think ) close by in amsterdam and can do good looking low poly boats and ships
    did try animated waves too but now see Franks waves in shipsim extreme 2010, witch seaways looks just about perfect
    as i'm usualy drawing boats and ships for fun and free anyway i can show some recent work and have a talk
    is that terragen used as terrain generator? hope to see the shipsim 2010 extreme and new rainbow warrior soon

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