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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Ron Skelly, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Ron Skelly RonS

    I am going to build a prototype of a new small sailboat design. I have built a model (not to scale) and I have sketched lots of pictures but I need a proper 3D computer drawing. I have looked at some software but it seems pretty complicated for me - is there businesses out there that will provide this service and keep it confidential? Is there easy to use software so that I can do this on my own?
  2. DCockey
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    Boat designers are in the business of starting with a client's input and developing plans/drawings from which a boat can be built. You might have to look around for a designer who is interested in your project. A good place to start might be with a local designer. If they're not interested they may know someone who is.

    A designer may charge more for you to have exclusive ownership of the design. Provided that's agreed to confidentiallity shouldn't be a problem. If the designer isn't agreeable then look for another designer.

    How easy software is to use depends in large part on the user's previous experience and apptitude. I'm not aware of any general boat design software which is equivalent to Home Designer.
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    Freeships will do, and then export to a 3d design program . I have an old Turbo cad , it works, but is a pain . Maybe if you have the design you can get a local home designer to input into a design program and produce plans, or you could draw it up by hand .
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