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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by jjbranch, Oct 1, 2006.

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    jjbranch JAMES BRANCH

    I would like to hear from anyone with experience with the Gulfstar 36' with twin perking 4-154 enjines as opposed to the single 120 Ford Leahman.

    I am considering purchasing a Gulfstar or simular trawler type boat. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. If a member has one for sale please contact me @jjbranch@bellsouth.net.


    James Branch
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    36 Gulfstar Trawler

    The 36 Gulfstar trawlers typically came with twin Perkins 4-236 85hp engines although I have seen one with 4-154 62hp engines. For the money they are good boats.

    Having been built on the gulfstar 36 sailboat hull they are a round bottom design and act much like a well powered sailboat. They roll alot but the motion is an easy rather than a snapy roll as with a hard chined boat. The best description of their performance may be that of a north sea trawler or grand banks (not the pleasure yacht) fishing trawler. I have driven mine at 8kts (1.41*sqroot WL) with little problem, but I don't ordinarily try to get much more than that. Maybe 9kts (1.5*sqroot WL).

    The construction is light but adequate. I have reinforced the the strut backing blocks because they seemed to me to flex too much, but after thirty years of use there wasn't any sign of cracks because of the flexing so I guess the original construction was adequate.

    The wiring on them is abysimal even for 1973 standards. It will have to be upgraded on any boat you find.

    Access to the engines is ok so long as a generator has not been installed between them. If one is in that location, good luck doing any ordinary service and forget about any major service to the engines without removing the gen.

    The fly bridge is a little small, but this is not a wide body boat so for the hull design it is appropriate. The decks are cored with balsa so beware of water intrusion causing rot and seperation.

    Hope I have helped.

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