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    I am contemplating the construction of a retirement boat. I am 44 years old and in very good health. I am a very good mechanic, both with automotive and marine engines. I currently own a 1971 26' Trojan Center Console IB Fishing Boat. I have done a fairly extensive restoration to it with the exception of Re-Powering which I will do in the spring. My dream boat would be a 36-38' Express Sport Fisherman liveaboard. Single screw deisel for simplicity. I would prefer one larger stateroom with smaller fold out/down berths for sleeping over company. I am actually considering building something very similar to these...


    or the Predator Eggharbor


    I have been doing a lot of research in my off time and realize a new Express of this magnitude would be out of my price range. I have access to USN Surplus Deisels in the 350-500HP range and believe it would take about 3-5 years to complete. Am I being realistic? I can purchase the Grandslam new for $99500 with a single 450HP Cummins but it is too small. I have asking them about the feasibility of stretching the Blueprints to accomodate my ideas but have yet to here from them. I have also considered the purchase of an older 38'45' Sportfisherman and rehabing it but the simple cost of repowering it may be price exclusive. Does anyone out there have any advise, input or sources for plans of this type? Any comments are greatly appreciated.

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