35th Americas Cup: Foiling Multihulls!

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Sep 26, 2013.

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    The last AC really looks like a competition of scale one laboratory models in somewhat light winds and sheltered waters resembling test pond conditions : so very interesting from the academic point of view, rewarding big budgets of innovation, allowing real improvement on the knowledge in foils and full flight sailing, but in the same time far from real life sailing in open sea conditions with a minimum of good breeze and rough seas, as even faced by the average sailor. In short, not impressive neither heroic as could be popular oceanic races, from a Sydney Hobart to a Vendée Globe.
    AC should maintain a certain rank with regard these other competitions, should reward the sailors able to maintain a high speed in changing to tough conditions. With still an objective of innovation breakthrough but which can be adressed by most of the nations without excessive budget expenses : something like a monohull with specified keel and static righting moment but with foils and rudders for full flight capabilities (as already demonstrated at small scale : Quant 23, Mini 650) could do the job.
    And last but not least, with carefully specified energy on board rules, to avoid human production of Kw by bikers.
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    Given that the 36th America's Cup will be sailed in foiling monohulls (at least that's the current plan), it seems to be more appropriate to discuss it in the Sailboat category, so now there is AC 36 Foiling Monohulls.

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    I hope TNZ goes for an all out monofoiler capable of handling rough water-sort of a Hugo Boss with rudder T foils!
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