3500 migrants a year drowning in the Med is unacceptable. It's action time!

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Stephen Ditmore, Jan 23, 2016.

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    Probably time to close the thread as it really seems to be a political problem rather than a boat design issue. Posts have been removed which were disparaging to people or whole groups of people; it would be better to take political and religious posts to another venue. As said a few pages back, the overall and underlying political, international, religious, and political frictions and problems are far beyond the scope of the Boat Design Forums and would probably require more posts than all the posts on boat design and boatbuilding here on the Boat Design Forums combined. Given the desire to keep the forums focused primarily on boat design and boatbuilding and maintain an atmosphere where everyone from different backgrounds and countries can enjoy coming to discuss the common interest in boats without being overwhelmed by others' political and religious beliefs, for detailed discussion of the political and/or religious aspects of this issue, please send the original poster a PM.

    While it is certainly commendable to want to save people from drowning, it doesn't seem possible based on the posts in the last few pages that a boat design solution will solve this situation, and the overall religious and political issues are well beyond the scope of a boat design forum to solve.

    If you do have, and would like to contribute, any ideas or support to help solve this issue, please send a PM to the thread starter.

    Thank you.
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Thread Status:
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