350 chev cooling system

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by nitrox1971, Jan 13, 2006.

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    Hi i have a question on a 350 chev with dog clutch driving off timing cover end boat built in 1982,cooling water enters motor lower end timing cover end and exits high side fly wheel end temp sender is at lower end of motor this is where water enters and what would of been themostat loction if in a car but to me now will be cool end of motor should sender be moved to other end of manifolds alloy type edelbrock if so does any one have any info on this or where to fit sender
    thanks for any replys.:confused: Any site that may help me.
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    Most SBC have temp senders in the head, some by the thermostat housing. I think the head is a better location as this is going to be the hottest part anyway. Look for a (3/4"?) pipe plug in the head between exhaust ports. Not sure about the Edelbrock units, but there should be a plug there you can use for the temp. probe. Otherwise, there should be one near the thermostat housing on the intake manifold.
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