34th America's Cup: multihulls!

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    34th AC

    News tidbits from Scuttlebutt tonight:


    Two of the most anticipated reports for San Francisco to host the
    America's Cup in 2013 are on pace to be made public in July. Both the draft
    of the America's Cup environmental impact report and the city's People Plan
    documenting how it will handle throngs as large as 350,000 people a day
    will be available for review.
    -- SF Business Times, full story:

    * Sail-World's NZ Editor Richard Gladwell spoke with Stan Honey, one of the
    key players behind the development of the remote umpiring systems and
    television systems intended for the America's Cup World Series and then the
    America's Cup itself. In this video interview Honey explains how the
    graphics being developed for the AC45's and 72's will differ from those
    that have gone previously:

    * With the first America's Cup World Series event in August in Cascais,
    Portugal, there is wide range of work being done to prepare the teams, race
    managers, and broadcast partners. A video update following last week's test
    sessions in Auckland sheds light on how different this next America's Cup
    will be:
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    34th AC -The Course

    From Scuttlebutt tonight:

    By Rebecca Hayter, Yachting World

    The 34th America's Cup is bounding ahead like a giant kangaroo - from
    monohulls to catamarans, soft sails - who even knew that term two years
    ago? - to wingsails, from intensely guarded designs to - gasp! -
    production-built AC45s, from one design rule to two: the AC45 and AC75, a
    youth series and now, well, if they keep this up, we are going to need
    soothing cups of camomile tea served at the press conferences.

    Here is the latest: you've all heard - and perhaps even contributed to -
    serious concern that the AC72 catamarans may end up being two extremely
    fast boats racing a million miles apart, which will be about as exciting to
    watch as, um, a pair of 80ft, 25-tonne monohulls drifting about a million
    miles apart. What we really want is these big cats missing each other by a

    So AC regatta director Iain Murray and his team have delivered - there will
    be virtual boundaries down each side of the course; their separation
    distance will be varied for strong or light winds.

    The boundaries will be depicted on screens mounted one in each hull, in
    front of the skipper. The electronics can measure the yacht's position
    accurately to within 2cm, updated 10 times a second. As the boat approaches
    a virtual boundary, the screen bleeps and gives a countdown, expressed as a
    positive in metres - for example, +20m, +15m....+5m.

    If they cross the virtual boundary, the countdown becomes a negative in
    metres and the umpires - in a shore-based booth - will issue a penalty of
    four boat lengths: 60m on the AC45, 100m on the AC72.

    To enforce the penalty, Murray says, "We tack them electronically. We set a
    line across the wind and when they fall back on that by sixty metres,
    they've cleared the penalty." The red penalty light on the boat's screen
    changes to green to show it is cleared. It carries a text message service
    so when a boat calls for room on another boat or protests, it comes up as a

    Murray says the race rules have avoided the traditional 720 or 360 penalty.
    "We want to penalise the boats, but we also want to keep them in the race.

    "Given time, this will develop into a proper chart plotting type thing
    where you see the course, the ocean and everything else," Murray says.
    Television audiences will have the same view as the umpires.
    -- Read on:
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    34th AC

    Two news tidbits from Scuttlebutt tonight:


    The two week testing period for the AC 45s is almost over in Auckland, New
    Zealand. SailBlast caught up with John Craig, PRO for America's Cup Race
    Management, who had nothing but positive things to say about the progress
    made on the water over the past few days. Here is an excerpt of the

    SailBlast: Has this testing helped clarify what it may mean for the
    spectator fleet in San Francisco?

    JC: Yes, it's definitely put some shoulders around what it'll look like.
    We're experimenting with all different types of courses - we're looking
    forward to the next three days as we're not anywhere close to having
    anything locked down to what the course will look like. Once that gets
    firmed up, then we should have a better idea of what the spectator fleet
    boundaries will look like and then what the virtual boundaries will look
    like from that.

    SailBlast: The 45s stop and start pretty quickly - how much can they handle
    in the start, and what will the start sequence be?

    JC: I was kind of skeptical. In all honesty I thought, "It's going to be
    catamarans match racing. It's not going to be like it has been." But, it's
    been amazing. The first day they just fully locked up and got at it and
    started chasing each other - it's been really, really good. The quality of
    what these guys are able to do and how quickly the boats can stop and start
    lends itself really well for match racing. Right now, it's a 5-minute
    sequence, the starboard end is coming in at 3 minutes and the port end
    comes in at 2:50. They're fully locking up and it's very cool to watch.

    SailBlast: What's your safety plan on the water?

    JC: We've got two, jet-driven purpose built medic boats which will each
    have a medic team on board. Additionally, the teams have really taken it on
    as a concern. We're finding that a lot of the team boats are much better
    equipped to deal with medical emergencies than previously, for example,
    Team NZ had a medic on their RIB yesterday. Teams are wearing life jackets,
    helmets in some situations and we see that developing more as the racing
    heats up. It's something we have a concern about and trying to address with
    as many resources as we can put at it.

    SailBlast: Will extra wings be easily accessible to teams in the event of

    Full interview:



    Nelson, New Zealand (May 4, 2011) - Grant Dalton doesn't expect the people
    of Nelson to understand why he accepted $36 million of taxpayers' money for
    the 2013 America's Cup, but for him, it was a simple decision.

    Dalton, the head of Emirates Team New Zealand, has taken flak in recent
    weeks after it was revealed the team has been given the money from the
    Government to fund its campaign to try to win back sailing's greatest

    The deal was made with the previous Labour-led government and National has
    backed the plan, despite many saying the money could be better spent,
    especially after the Pike River mine disaster and Christchurch earthquake.

    Dalton, in Nelson this week to speak to the sailing community as part of a
    nationwide tour, said the millions made up less than 20 per cent of their
    income, but without it, they could not operate.

    "To a certain extent I can't defend it and say `yeah, it would have been
    better off here or whatever', because I could never understand what those
    people have gone through.

    "But one thing I know is that if I hadn't gone ahead with it, my first
    conversation would have been with the first 100 people that work for me as
    they would have been made redundant.

    "My second conversation would have been with the boatyard that makes our

    "He would have had to make about half his staff redundant. He's got 45.

    "The next conversation would have been with the spar maker, and so on and
    so on.

    "I chose the one that wasn't making people redundant. We're the arrowhead
    of the industry, and it's a big industry, I think it's New Zealand's second
    biggest export industry.

    "I can't expect the people of Greymouth, Nelson and Christchurch to
    understand that, I wouldn't, but the Government understood it and made a
    tough decision."

    Dalton said America's Cup sailing was often perceived as a "rich boys"
    sport, which was true elsewhere, but in New Zealand the way they operated
    had not changed, despite the increasing budgets.
    -- Read on:
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    34th AC- the challengers-

    from Scuttlebutt tonight:


    (May 10, 2011) - The 34th America's Cup has 14 entries as of today, with
    one of the undisclosed challenge entries filed by the March 31 deadline
    being declined by the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

    The process is now underway to vet the $200,000 Performance Bond
    submissions, which were required of each team to post by April 30th. How
    many of the 14 entrants have made this submission? "An announcement will be
    made in due course about the teams which have successfully met the bond
    requirements," explained Stephanie Martin, Chief Communications Officer for
    the AC Event Authority. Here is the current count:

    Defender - 1
    Oracle Racing, Golden Gate Yacht Club (USA)

    Challenger - 13
    Aleph-Equipe de France, Aleph Yacht Club (FRA)
    Artemis Racing, Kungliga Svenska Segal Sallskapet (SWE)
    China Team, Mei Fan Yacht Club (CHN)
    Emirates Team New Zealand, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (NZL)
    Energy Challenge, Yacht Club de France (FRA)
    Mascalzone Latino, Club Nautico di Roma (ITA)
    Team Australia, Multihull Yacht Club of Queensland (AUS)
    Venezia Challenge, Club Canottieri Roggero di Lauria (ITA)
    White Tiger Challenge, Sail Korea Yacht Club (ROK)
    An additional four challenge entries remain confirmed but unidentified.

    There are more financial hurdles that may thin the herd. An additional
    $100,000 Entry Fee is due by each team on June 1st. And for any team not
    participating in the first event of the America's Cup World Series in
    Cascais, Portugal on August 6-14, there is a forfeiture of $150,000 of
    their Performance Bond. And to participate in the ACWS you need to have one
    million dollars (plus GST) to buy an AC45. The four teams that have
    purchased and are sailing their AC45s are:

    Artemis Racing, Kungliga Svenska Segal Sallskapet (SWE)
    China Team, Mei Fan Yacht Club (CHN)
    Emirates Team New Zealand, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (NZL)
    Oracle Racing, Golden Gate Yacht Club (USA)

    Standing by for the next entry update. As Kenny Rogers said in his song
    'The Gambler', "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."
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    Awesome stuff, reminds me of my hobie days joslting for the start. Even though they both blew the start, hats off to the Artemis team to get inside of the Oracle team even though they had them most of the time until the 1:01 mark where Oracle had to wash off too much speed and Atremis was able to stall the boat and get inside of them.

    Which brings me to the rules, if i was Oracle at the 1:01 mark, i would drag my legs in the water to act as a brake and thus keeping me on the windward of Artemis and would be able to push them into the coarse boat (if i was so mean). Am i guessing correctly what i was doing was against the rules but the club i sailed with just ignored it, or is legit to use part of crew to stall the boat.
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    Quickly now Cecil, jump into the scoop and then over the side, hang on though mate, we're still doing 10 knots.
  9. Paul B

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    The COR, The Latin Rascal, is out.

    Doesn't matter. They could not win anyway. That was the opinion of AC Legend BenBob (as printed in Seahorse Magazine).

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    34th AC- the challengers-

    From Scuttlebutt tonight:


    (May 12, 2011) - It was revealed today that the team representing the
    Challenger of Record (COR) for the 34th America's Cup has quit. Italian
    Vincenzo Onorato and his Mascalzone Latino team, which was designated to
    compete for Club Nautico di Roma (CNR), announced that they were unable to
    reach a budget that would allow them to field a competitive team.

    "In our sport, men in blazer have overcome by now those in oilskins," said
    Onorato. "I'm a man in oilskin and when I go in the sea, I want to win. I'm
    not interested in a hopeless challenge, I would lie to the sponsors, to our
    fans and last but not least also to myself."

    Just over a year ago, when the space-age trimaran BMW Oracle completed a
    two-race sweep on February 14, 2010 to win the 33rd America's Cup from
    two-time defending champion Alinghi of Switzerland, team owner Larry
    Ellison's Club - Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) - announced that a challenge
    had been accepted from CNR to be the Challenger of Record for the next

    In the Deed of Gift for the America's Cup, entries are submitted by Clubs,
    not teams. However, in the modern era of the America's Cup, the Club is
    often forgotten, with the team taking the leadership role. And since the
    challenge was accepted, Onorato's stewardship as COR had been questioned.
    With so many changes occurring with the format of the next event, many
    arguably in favor of the Russell Coutts (NZL) led Oracle Racing defender,
    it was felt that the interests of the challengers were not being
    sufficiently upheld.

    Onorato had said this past February that the role of the COR was in part,
    "to try to keep the Defender (which is a very rich team) sensitive to the
    problems of the others teams in search of sponsor and consequently to keep
    the costs low." For Onorato, who had competed as a challenger for both the
    2003 and 2007 America's Cup, the challenge for funding was real. At the
    time he admitted that "If, in the next few months, I won't be able to find
    the economic resources to make my team competitive, then I'll quit." And
    today he made it official.

    What happens next is not clear, as no announcement has come yet from the
    GGYC or CNR. If desired, CNR can continue as COR without a team, as had
    occurred in three prior America's Cup events (1970, 1992, and 1995). If CNR
    declines the role, it would be offered to the next Club that had entered,
    which would be Kungliga Svenska Segal Sallskapet (SWE), represented by the
    Paul Cayard (USA) led Artemis Racing team.

    If KSSS accepts the role of COR, the situation would seem eerily similar to
    when Coutts and Cayard announced in February 2007 that they were launching
    the World Sailing League (WSL). The plan, which failed to gain traction,
    was to launch a global series at venues in the Mediterranean, Northern
    Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and South America, and that
    teams would compete in ... state-of-the-art 70ft catamarans.

    Feb. 9, 2007 - WSL announcement: http://tinyurl.com/SBUTT-3591
    June 15, 2009 - Cayard interview: http://tinyurl.com/SBUTT-061509
    Feb. 3, 2011 - Onorato interview: http://tinyurl.com/SBUTT-020311
    May 12, 2011 - Onorato announcement: http://tinyurl.com/ML-020311

    ENTRIES: With entrants required to post a $200,000 Performance Bond on
    April 30th, it is expected that more teams will drop out. It has not yet
    been announced what teams failed to submit the bond, so the current count
    is now one defense entry and 12 challenge entries.

    LOCAL NEWS: While it is unclear if Oracle Racing's winning trimaran from
    the 33rd America's Cup will ever splash in San Francisco Bay, locals will
    get an early look at the AC45. The team will be on the bay sailing the new
    catamaran, which will be the platform for the first season of the America's
    Cup World Series, probably by the second week of June.
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    34th AC

    From Scuttlebutt tonight:

    By Stuart Alexander

    Changes to the format of the America's Cup preliminary events are being
    considered in San Francisco by the holder, Larry Ellison's Oracle Racing
    Team, the sponsoring Golden Gate Yacht Club and the organisation they have
    set up to arrange regattas over the next 48 months, the America's Cup Event
    Authority (ACEA).

    Already having had to hold up the announcement about which of the 14
    challenges received for America's Cup 34 can meet the qualification and
    financial requirements, ACEA, in conjunction with its sister organisation,
    America's Cup Event Management ACEM), has seen timetables slip as a search
    continues for the venues to host the 2011-12 America's Cup World Series

    ACEA has consistently been saying that it does not expect all 14 of the
    original hopefuls to make it into the world series. The Challenger of
    Record, the Rome-based Club Nautico di Roma and its Mascalzone Latino team,
    has already dropped out. One of the 14, believed to from Germany, was
    rejected by the scrutineers in San Francisco.

    But, while the new Challenger of Record, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club's
    Artemis and the New Zealand Yacht Squadron's Emirates Team New Zealand, are
    seen as certain runners, only the Team China challenge has been looking

    Another Italian team claims to have paid its $200,000 initial performance
    bond and San Francisco has been talking up a team from South Korea. The
    Australian team has yet to be substantiated.

    An announcement is expected on or about 1 June which will finally name the
    participating teams for this season, but Iain Murray, CEO of ACEM, has
    already said that some of the penalties and forfeits over payment by the
    deadline of 31 March this year may have to be reviewed. Many believe the
    number may have dropped from 14 to six or seven. -- Full story:

    * Scuttlebutt spoke with ACRM on Thursday afternoon to shine some light on
    reports that are circulating with regard to the many issues that Stuart
    Alexander raises, and feel none the wiser for their response. Here's what
    they said: "America's Cup Race Management is continually working with the
    teams to produce the best possible outcome for AC34. ACRM will hold a
    Competitor Forum on Monday May 30 where several proposals will be discussed
    and voted on."
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    redreuben redreuben

    Heh heh, thats our Bob ! was it he who said " You know when the Italians are going to

    tack, the cigarettes go over the side" LOL

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    34th AC---Changes

    from Scuttlebutt tonight:

    San Francisco, CA (June 1, 2011) -

    With the newest generation of America's Cup boats exceeding
    the expectations of event organizers and the teams, the
    AC45 wing-sailed catamaran has now been selected by competitors for use in
    all America's Cup World Series events.

    Using the AC45 in all AC World Series events instead of switching to the
    AC72 in season two was one of several changes voted on by America's Cup
    competitors on Tuesday. This move also provides teams with another
    opportunity to manage competition costs.

    The larger AC72 will now appear on the water from July 2012. Teams will work
    up their AC72's and race the AC World Series leading into the Louis Vuitton
    Cup, America's Cup Challenger Series, and the 34th America's Cup Finals in
    San Francisco. The extended time-period for the debut of the AC72 allows
    teams more time for development of the boat.

    The race format and scoring for the 2011 AC World Series have also been
    released. The format will include a combination of Fleet and Match Racing
    with winners for each as well as an overall winner that will be determined
    on the final Sunday of the regatta. The AC World Series starts August 6,
    2011 in Cascais, Portugal.

    Other updates agreed by the Competitors today include:

    - Teams to launch AC72s starting July 1, 2012 (there is a limited exception
    to launch and sail earlier for any proven pre-existing contractual

    - Teams have the same limited number of testing days in the AC72s in advance
    of racing.

    - The first Performance Bond for the AC World Series is eliminated and
    replaced with an Entry Fee ($100,000 USD).

    - Updated late entry procedure - Teams can enter late at discretion of the

    - Competitors must sign an AC45 purchase contract with a 50 percent
    non-refundable deposit paid by June 10.

    - Teams will consolidate their websites into www.americascup.com by July 1,
    2011. -- Full story: http://tinyurl.com/43ecrb7

    * Scuttlebutt spoke today with America's Cup Race Management to get some
    edification on some of these revised items, as follows:

    Teams originally could not sail AC72s prior to January 1, 2012; there will
    be no update on number of teams entered until after June 10, the date by
    which Competitor's now must sign an AC45 purchase agreement with a 50%
    non-refundable deposit. Clearly this new item swings both ways. There may be
    teams who don't/can't come up with the $$$ for whatever reason which puts
    them out, while there may be late entries who pony up and join the show,
    particularly now that Teams can enter late at the discretion of the Defender
    and a late entry fee is not automatic. It's rumored that there'll be an
    announcement regarding final team numbers at a press conference in San
    Francisco on June 15. Finally, race format and scoring info for the 2011
    World Series events is at
    http://www.americascup.com/documents/regatta-notices_33. Stay tuned.
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    34th AC--if you live near San Fran:

    from Scuttlebutt tonight-

    * (June 2, 2011) - If you've been planning on playing hooky anytime in the
    near future, you might want to save it for next week. Oracle Racing will
    have two AC45s on San Francisco Bay starting next Monday. After some
    practice time through June 10, they'll be used to test the regatta
    operations and media side of the event for the ensuing couple weeks. Events
    for local media will be held June 13 and 14, and should make for good
    viewing off the Cityfront. --
    Report at: http://tinyurl.com/3lxmhsj
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