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    Call for papers

    September 11 - 16, 2016 Portola Hotel, Monterey CA

    Website: http://snh.stanford.edu/index.html

    The symposium Organizing and Papers Committee is soliciting extended abstracts in the following topic areas in naval hydrodynamics. The abstracts can cover theoretical, experimental, or numerical aspects, and must be of archival quality. Emphasis is placed on new developments in the general field of fluid mechanics as they relate to naval hydrodynamics.

    •Nonlinear Wave-induced Motions and Loads
    •Near- and Far-Field Ship Wave and Wake Hydrodynamics
    •Maneuvering and Control (Surface & Subsurface Vehicles)
    •Undersea Vehicle Hydrodynamics
    •Ocean Environment and Extreme Waves
    •Viscous Ship Hydrodynamics
    •Propulsor Hydrodynamics
    •Propulsor-Hull-Rudder Interaction
    •Cavitation and Bubbly Flows
    •Fluid-Structure Interaction
    •Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics in the Naval Context
    •Hydrodynamics in Ship Design (Optimization and Energy Savings)
    •Turbulent Drag Reduction by Various Means (including surface coatings)
    •Hydrodynamics of Fast or Unconventional Ships
    •Confined Water Hydrodynamics

    The extended abstract should include:

    1.Title, Author(s)’s name(s) and affiliation(s). E-mail address and phone number for the First Author (who will also be the Corresponding Author).
    2.Identify one or two (no more than two) topic area(s) your paper will address from the topics listed above.
    3.Introduction, providing brief background and the objective(s) of the paper.
    4.Approach, describing approach how the objective will be met.
    5.Results, showing major results with representative figures.
    6.References, list major references.

    The deadline to submit abstracts is October 9, 2015.
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