31' Uniflite Sport Sedan project

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    Last winter I picked this boat up from the insurance company for my part of the salvage operation. I don't know why I did it, maybe it was the freezing cold weather and my brain wasn't functioning properly...maybe it was purely an emotional response to such a pretty hull, but be that as it may here it is sitting in my yard.

    This is a 1975 31' Uniflite Sport Sedan that spent about a week under water, and when we finally managed to get it floating... everything in it froze solid. Because of the age of the vessel and the time it spent underwater and then later as a popsicle let's assume for the sake of the argument that none of the mechanical or electrical systems are worth salvaging.

    In your opinion what might be some of the viable rebuild options for a boat in this condition?

    When considering resale there's a small low value market for live aboards (mostly junkers) and this would certainly fit in there. To refit the boat and get it back to into running condition would cost more then it could ever fetch on the open market. The previous owner had it listed for 15k when it was running...and I didn't notice much interest.

    There are a couple of options that I'm seriously considering and they are to strip it out completely and either rebuild it with a smaller cabin (maybe a forward rake version like the 27' Seasport) and set it up as a serious sport fisher. Or go a step further and take it down to a cuddy cabin with even more deck space much like the 28' Albin. And then finally do away with the cabin altogether and make it a center console.

    So what do you think guys?


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