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(3) 17-20 ft Boat Molds For Sale 17' Ski and 20' Cuddy Cabin

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Roadrunner, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Roadrunner
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    Roadrunner New Member

    I have 3 boat molds for a 17 ft ski boat up to a 20 ft cuddy cabin. These fiberglass boat molds were left by a boat manufacturer that went out of business in Adelanto, California. Price is $1000 for all 3 sets of boat molds, or $600 for one set. Cash only on pickup. You will need a flat bed trailer. Located in Apple Valley, California USA
  2. DOPatrick
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    DOPatrick Junior Member

  3. tronkadonks
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    tronkadonks New Member

    Hi, pls email to extrasweet@ymail.com more pictures of the molds if they are still available. Thanks
  4. fisherman_kk
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    fisherman_kk Junior Member

  5. suncatcher
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    suncatcher New Member

  6. tedsbw
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    tedsbw New Member

    Molds for sale

    Molds for sale 33 ft Newport runabout 3 piece hull mold excellent condition only one hull pulled OFFERS call ted 860 552 9009

  7. joseph sigley
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    Location: england

    joseph sigley Junior Member

    hi there very intrested in your moulds

    hi there very intrested in your boat moulds for sale we are based in the uk and make new boat moulds for are custoners! but are aways looking for second hand boat moulds please can you send pics to joe33sigley@gmail.com

    allso if you are looking for new boat moulds then get in touch for a free Quote! many thanks joe sigley
    j.s composites
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